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The Marina of Sciacca includes the whole town which is a real fishing village, with a historic center overlooking the sea and welcoming all those who, from the sea, arrive at its docks.

Among the colorful houses, overhanging the harbor, winding alleys and picturesque stairways that in a few minutes allow us to reach the historic center.

Here, a walk in the Angelo Scandaliato square is a must, a terrace overlooking the sea from which to enjoy the breathtaking view: sunsets that warm the port interrupted at times by the flight of the greedy sea gulls of the marine fish and in the air the scent of the orange blossom coming from the gardens just below the terrace.

Going a little further up with historic staircases, you reach the San Michele district, a qasba that embraces us and tells us about the Arab domination in Sicily.

And it is precisely here that every Saturday morning the San Michele market is set up, a historic bazaar of voices, sounds, colors and smells that is worth visiting.

But the village does not end here, there are many places and beauties hidden among its streets. The scent of the sea, in summer, refreshes them from the scorching sun and, following it, guides us on the way back to the port. We just need to go down the stairs.

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